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This template is to be used for the international Scratch Clubs (that's why it is in English).


{{SCP|datum = 25.01.2016

|participants =
* Jane Doe
* John Bloggs

|cannotmake =
* Donald Dummy

|minute-taker =
* Jane Doe

|topics =
* blubb

* bla

|minutes =
* blubb
* blubb blubb }}

will then display as:

Minutes International Scratch Club 25.01.2016

Participants (planning to join):

  • Jane Doe
  • John Bloggs

Cannot make it this time:

  • Donald Dummy

Minute-taker: (whoever takes the minutes this time write down your name ahead of the meeting)

  • Jane Doe


  • blubb

Comments: (participants can add comments here)

  • bla


  • blubb
  • blubb blubb

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