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(Früher "What the Community is Loving", davor "Top Loved") Hier werden in zufälliger Reihenfolge die 20 Projekte mit den meisten Likes angezeigt.

stimmt so nicht. Der Algorithmus ist etwas komplizierter, Beschreibung sollte aktualisiert werden.

Dazu eine Info von Lightnin (21.3.2013), weiß nicht ob diese noch aktuell ist:

Another thing to consider: The new model sets a timestamp as soon as as project hits one of the main homepage rows: loved, remixed, or featured. Once 7 days have passed from that timestamp, that project is no longer eligible for the homepage. But since this code has only been live for less than two weeks, not many projects have been marked in-eligable. So, a lot of projects that were already homepaged on the old site are eligible again. Once they fade away, things should settle a bit - but it might take some time.

Also - right now, any project shared in the last 6 months is eligible. We may set that to a lower value in the meantime, just to keep things fresh. The thinking behind the new threshold was that we want to encourage people to continue working on their projects to make them better. And setting a time limit from the first time you share it to 7 days in the future means that after 7 days, no matter what awesome changes / refinements you make to it, it'll never be eligible for the homepage again. That basically discourages investing more time in projects after 7 days have passed - which we think is probably bad. That said, this new model is more complex and harder to understand, which is also bad. You see - it's complex, there are many compromises, and it will take time to come up with a formula that works really well. Thanks for helping us think it through!

Frodewin-red-fox-tiny.png Frodewin (Diskussion) 11:06, 5. Mär. 2016 (CET)

@Frodewin: Ja Du hast recht, aber obige Beschreibung könnte auch veraltetet sein.
@LiFay: Kannst Du beim Scratch-Team den aktuelle Algorithmus in Erfahrung bringen?
Mtwoll.png Mtwoll (Diskussion) 19:10, 6. Mär. 2016 (CET)
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