Aus Das deutschsprachige Scratch-Wiki

My full name is Reinier van Oosten. I will hardly write parts of the german Wiki. The dutch wiki however is started by me, together with Joek van Montfort and Sjoerd Dirk Meijer. I can well understand german, but speaking and writing is something I didn't do very often the last 30 or so years.

My Scratch background

As a father of a primary school twin I was looking for some stuff that could help me teaching them programming. I was a professor at a polytechnic in Groningen on computer science. Among else I taught programming.

Then I started using Scratch, I started giving a course in Scratch on the highest group of the school of my children. I suopported this with a tool I knew already quite well: a wiki. The children could read the tutorial with solutions on my wiki. I met Joek and then discussion and implementation of a dutch Scratch wiki just started.

Programming background

My programming experience goes back to the seventies. I started in Algol and sometimes later in Fortran. Around 1979 I started teaching Simula, a superset of Algol. At the same time it was the first real object-oriented language. The importance of Simula is by most people not are hardly know, but it was one of most important sources of inspiration for Alan Kay to develop Smalltalk. Smaltalk iyself was the inspiration for most of the object-oriented languages. Although for example the extension from C to C++ was a copy of the extension of Algol to Simula. You can't expect anything else from a Danish guy (Bjarne Stroustrupp) raised with Algol and Simula. He couldn't do in C what he was used to in Simula.

I used numerous languages. My main language has alwways been Smalltalk. I used it since 1985. I've done numerous projects with it. I still love it, especialy for scientific projects. Another language I used much is Java. Other important languages are php and javascript.

Application background

My main scientific research has been simulation of multi-agent multi-issue policy decision making. I developed complex software in this area. Other points of interest were rapid prototyping to make clear the ideas of researchers. Teaching, userinterfaces etc. My current interest is more focused on wiki's.

Scientific background

I'm very interested in heterarchical systems, game theory, multi issue perception, evolution theory etc.

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