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This here is the road map for ModShare 5, showing all important milestones and steps.

ModShare V Roadmap

ModShare IV

Milestone 1: Improvements to the code

  • Make the codebase consistent
  • Make the site XHTML and CSS compliant (
  • Bug fixes
  • Implementation of an consitent API
  • API support for 3rd party sites

Milestone 2: Improvements to the front end

  • Make the front end consistent
  • Update the UI to make it look more Modern
  • ModShare News

Milestone 3: ModShare BETA Program

  • Copy of ModShare set up as a seperate site only accessible to devs and testers.

ModShare V

Milestone 4: ModShare Scratch Player

  • Make fork of the Scratch 2 Editor and Player and make it compatible with the site
  • Make the Player work with already existing Mods (both 1.4 and 2 except BYOB3 and BYOB-based


  • Make the Editor work with Scratch 2 Mods (only Scratch 2 Mods)
  • Add essential code that's been removed from the Scratch 2 source

Milestone 5: Snap! Player

  • Create a fork of the Snap! Editor and make it compatible with the site
  • Create a player from the code of the editor
  • Create a BYOB3 ==> Snap! converter
  • Make the Snap! Player and Editor work with Snap! and BYOB3 converted Mods

Milestone 6: New ModShare Forums

  • Move the FluxBB forum system over to FutureBB
  • Try to move over all topics and posts or recover recover them
  • Integrate FutureBB with the new ModShare

Things without a fixed time schedule

  • User requested features
  • User requested Mods
  • User requested Iimprovements

List of current ModShare Contributors

Lead development

  • jvvg (Futuresight Technologies)
  • jueschnei (external party)


  • jueschnei (external party)

Lead Programming

  • jvvg (FutureSight Technologies)

Back-end Programming

  • robinp (ModShare Developers)
  • IAP-Reloaded (ModShare Developers)

Front end Design & Programming

  • hiccup01 (ModShare Developers)
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