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Scratch Connecting Worlds 2013 is the first European conference on Scratch taking place in July (25th to 27th) 2013 in Barcelona. Use the navigation-line above to learn more and see the more than 100 confernce-sessions in detail, sorted and in overview. The DACH-Scratch-Wiki is happy to present the conference-program you! To work together to get a Scratch-Wiki in your native language (if it's not english or german) get in contact with us at: [74_T-10]

98 W-2

[98 W-2]


Thursday 26.07.13, 15:00-16:00, Room: E: Wizard / FAMILY LAB
Name: Stephen Howell

Affiliation: Institute of Technology Tallaght, Dublin, Ireland
Titel: Kinect2Scratch

Description: Workshop on Kinect2Scratch: how to program games for the Kinect using Scratch.



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