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Scratch Connecting Worlds 2013 is the first European conference on Scratch taking place in July (25th to 27th) 2013 in Barcelona. Use the navigation-line above to learn more and see the more than 100 confernce-sessions in detail, sorted and in overview. The DACH-Scratch-Wiki is happy to present the conference-program you! To work together to get a Scratch-Wiki in your native language (if it's not english or german) get in contact with us at: [74_T-10]
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Thursday 26.07.13, 11:00-12:00, Room: C: Girl Wizard / LECTURE ROOM C
Name: Daniel del Rio

Affiliation: Minirobots
Titel: Programming physical objects using Scratch and Moway Robot

mOway gives life to everything the students program on their screens, and helps them to understand and assimilate concepts

Description: "We want to take part the Scracth Conference to present our programmable robot The Moway robot in a workshop based on Programming physical objects using Scracth and Moway. MOway is an educational tool, a complete learning solution that brings technology close to educational centres. On top of that, mOway allows students to discover what Programming is with user-friendly and intuitive way that enables them to control the robot and its input and output devices, developing their own programs from the very beginning.

Its goal is to be a practical tool inside the world of education. The major advantage is its fast learning curve. Students obtain results from the first lesson, generating a high level of motivation among them. Moway helps to develop personal abilities as diverse as creativity, interest in further learning and teamwork. We want to take the advantage of this occasion to present you our last new, Moway is now programmable with Scratch. We think, now Moway is a complete solution, the same tool for primary and for Secondary School. With Moway robot you could check in a real way what you are programming on your Scratch screen. We want to offer everyone the opportunity to learn how to program a robot with Scratch, and check it in a simple way.

I want to share with you this video which includes some examples of Moway with Scratch "



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