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On this page you can learn... <br />
... who we are ... <br />
... and how we help you to create a Scratch wiki in your language!
== Who we are ==
Scratch Wikis are free, collaboratively-written wikis that provide information about the Scratch programming language and the website, history, and phenomena surrounding it. Scratch Wikis are a popular source of information for scripts and tutorials, and they continue to grow as Scratchers use them as their primary source of information - and they are getting more and more international! After we launched the German Wiki in 2012, last year followed an Indonesian and a Russian Wiki we are actively supporting and all of us are connected through interwiki. And we can support you in creating your own Wiki, too!
== Why do we want to launch more wikis? ==
* to motivate people to keep using Scratch for longer, and transfer their experience to younger kids and new generations of Scratchers
* to build up communities of certain languages and connect them to each other
* to learn about MediaWiki and contribute in sharing knowledge worldwide not only related to Scratch but generally
* to build up connected knowledge-platforms for kids, teenagers, students, parents, teachers and scientists
* to make visual programming, and so programming itself, more popular
== How we help you to create a Scratch wiki in your language ==
=== Conditions ===
- Voraussetzungen, die erfüllt werden müssen, damit wir helfen
=== What we offer ===
- Domain, usw.

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