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Hello Dimon4ezzz, I saw that you loged in our Wiki and cleard your userpage. You don't have to write german here. We alle understand english :-) We hope we can start to help you with the . Do you need help with hosting? We already host and it works quite good, just ask Rumanti Mtwoll (Diskussion) 17:25, 21. Jan. 2015 (CET)

Hello! I recieved a message by LiFaytheGoblin. I'm ready. Dimon4ezzz (Diskussion) 19:09, 21. Feb. 2015 (CET)
Hello Dimon4ezzz,

I' m happy that you finaly answer. We can host the russian wiki, please telk us a litle bit more about you and your interest to start the russian wiki. Can you put a few words in your user profile? Are there some other people that wan't to help with the russian wiki? Mtwoll (Diskussion) 22:27, 21. Feb. 2015 (CET)
Russian community wan't help me, coz our wiki have a few features[1][2]. Russian Wiki is my first wiki. Early, I had been hosting SW on Wikia[3]. Now my hoster so strange, coz I cannot make a lot of edits 😞. Dimon4ezzz (Diskussion) 10:01, 22. Feb. 2015 (CET)
Hello Dimon4ezzz, thank you for giving more information. We will help you and start or waht domain do you suggest? Mtwoll (Diskussion) 22:38, 22. Feb. 2015 (CET)
OK, I like this domain (! Dimon4ezzz (Diskussion) 08:51, 23. Feb. 2015 (CET)
I re-thought it and now I think, that is even better, because it's shorter and more neutral than the english word "russia". I hope you like it also. Our Admin akhof told me, that he plans to set up your wiki until end of this week. We will give you admin-rights there, so you can invite other users ther yourself. Are there already some other russion speaking Scrtcher that are interested? What's about en:User:TheHockeyist? (see hen:User talk:TheHockeyist#Userpage). He is very active in the english wiki and perhaps he will help you? Please write some user-links here if there are some! Doe we have a chance to meet you at ? Some people of our DACH-scratch-wiki will be there and we would be happy, to meet people of other scratch-wikis. Thanks Mtwoll (Diskussion) 17:36, 23. Feb. 2015 (CET)
OK. Tnx. Dimon4ezzz (Diskussion) 13:09, 24. Feb. 2015 (CET)


  1. Post by Zakhar — one of russians
  2. Post by Alexander — one of translaters of Scratch

Welcome to DACH-Scratch-Wiki


Hello Dmith oder Dimon4ezzz (in the german, russian an indonesian Scratch-Wiki). I'm happy that you started to use your account at the international Scratch-Wikis for Interwiki-Links and I'm realy happy that you run the russian Scratch-Wiki. I would be even more delighted if you write a few words your user-profile and if you would start to communicate with us: We would like to cooperate much more. I'm looking forward to your answer (in english or german, sorry I can't speak russian or chinese like you as I see on your russian-scratch-wiki-profile)! Mtwoll (Diskussion) 11:31, 9. Feb. 2015 (CET)

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